Studying And Working

Having a job is great because you have a job and most people out there are still looking. When you have a full time job you feel you don’t have time to yourself and even though might get weekends off you still feel that weekends should be used for rest instead of doing all your personal admin work, especially if you are studying because then it will be extremely difficult for you to study if you have a full time job that you can’t shake off because you need the money to pay for your studies and for you to live which is why most people drop studying because they need the money.

However if you have a part time job you will have much more time on your hands to complete all the personal admin tasks that you need to complete but you won’t necessarily be earning the same amount as you were working as a fulltime worker. Each one have the perks and each one has their downfalls, it all depends on which is best suited for you.

Having a part time job is never really a stable income because you mainly work in the service industry and don’t actually earn a steady income because you earn your money by airport transfer services. So whether you drive chauffeur cars or a waiter you should always know that you are probably going to be earning money the week and sometimes you will have to fight for shifts so that you can eat that week. You should always make sure that you can afford to study and have a part time job because of the time you will be living on scraps and you will have to learn to adapt to that situation that you have put yourself into.

If work fulltime you might be able to afford the things you want to do but you won’t actually have time to do so, the trick is to find that perfect balance, if you know you are a full time worker then you should maybe save up so that you can take a year off to study or do less modules a semester or if you know that you are a part timer then you can do more studying and always bear in mind that this will benefit you one day. So if you work in an office or drive chauffeur cars always make sure that you can balance studying and working the right and manageable way.