How To Make Cities Safe

Now there are more people living in urban areas compared to rural areas. Therefore, it is important to make cities safe. Increase of global terrorism, violence against women, and unsafe roads and commuters has made cities unsafe place to live in. For a city to be safe, mobility has to be increased, the environment has to be managed, and crime rates has to be reduced and quality of life has to be increased. Ways to make cities safe are as below:

Create compact connected cities instead of sprawled cities

Crime rates are higher in sprawled cities. This is because, commuters should spend more time on the road to access places that they want to reach. Instead of developing and planning sprawled cities that are spread on a vast area, it is important to develop compact cities to make the cities safer for its dwellers. When the city is compact and everything is in the vicinity in a walking distance, it becomes an easier place to live in. People get to know each other soon, and the neighborhood community identifies what is happening in their community soon. Therefore, creating compact cities are important to develop safer neighborhoods.

Create safe lanes/ paths and roads for everyone

The roads are not only for the motorists. If you develop areas and roads only for motorists, the city becomes unsafe automatically. This is because, then motorists take hold of the road and they drive according to their will. This increases accident rate on the road. Therefore, traffic control in Sydney is important to have a safer city.

Create dedicated pathways for pedestrians and cyclists

Creating dedicated pathways to pedestrians as well as cyclists are important to create safer cities. Having more areas for pedestrian only and cyclists only will make commuters and pedestrians use these areas. This way, accident rate will automatically reduce and the city will become safer.

Provide safe access to public transport

Safe access to public transport is also important to develop safer cities. Some accidents and violence/ rape is recorded in cities where safe access for public transport is not provided. Therefore, creating safe access to public transport with proper lighting and access in important to develop a safe urban environment.

Use data to identify problematic areas and make these areas safer

We generate a massive amount of data and information on a daily basis. These data and information can be used to identify problematic areas in cities. Spatial data processing software such as Geographical Information Systems (GIS) can be used to identify unsafe areas in cities and to develop solutions to these problems.