4 Benefits Of Taking A Stroll To Work

When you get up in the morning and go hunting for that cup of coffee and walk around zombie-like till your brain catches up with the sunlight shining in, you do not think about the daily pain of keeping your foot on the clutch (for the unfortunate souls driving stick) or on the break for hours at an end sometime. Even a drive that usually takes half an hour can extend up to more than one and a half hours. If you are having trouble staying fit in the midst of all this stress inducing issues, there is a simple solution. Walk to work instead of driving. Here are some benefits of walking to and from work according to doctors. 
1. Saving life expectancy For most of us who are stuck in traffic in a regular basis, we can count up the hours to a couple of years of our life. and when you know for sure that you are moving, no matter what small steps you are taking, it also takes out the stress of being unsure about making it to work or for an important meeting as you know that you will make it if you time your walking speed and distance to work. As an added extra you do not have to search for affordable auto rental options online. 2. Working out the musculature For those who work eight hours or more per week, getting to gym or getting some time to do a daily workout routine may seem like a pipe dream. But if you decide to take the walk to work, it will work your body muscles to give it a good workout before getting to work. This will increase your general health and clean out your body. It will also reduce chances of getting diabetes and other disease related to inactivity. 3. Work while walking If you hit a mental wall on a problem at work or an assignment, then thinking about the problem while walking will actually help you come up with new ideas. You mind will be more attentive when you are multitasking and it will think of new things and angles you could not have imagined while being in a cubicle. It is hard to do that when you are stuck inside a cheap car rental with disturbing stains or smells. 4. Reduce stress levels Your mind will be working overtime when you are walking and it will create a meditative stance (especially if you have earphones on) on your mind. It reduces stress levels as it is like a mini meditation session while exercising. If you do not have any earphones on then you can check out shops, look at the greenery and see interactions of people that will actually relax your mind. Walking is a great way to relax your mind, get exercise and record random kindness of strangers to restore your faith in humanity.